Weekly Update

Moisture departure from normal, showing a very wet spring for South Dakota, with another map showing a much cooler than normal spring.

We hope that everyone was able to stay warm and dry this winter.  Spring is here and most places are now wet and cold. Right now, we are experiencing some problems with this website due to a recent update to Drupal that scrambled some files.  We hope to be up and running soon.

Seasonal Report

The 2019 Season is just beginning. Come back later for more reports on mosquito activity.


NASASouth Dakota State UniversitySD Department of Health

South Dakota State University has partnered with the South Dakota Department of Health to implement a program of West Nile virus (WNV) research that will support public health decision makers at the state level and mosquito control programs at the local level. Major activities include mosquito surveillance and testing for WNV, monitoring environmental risk factors using data from earth observing satellites, and using this information to predict the risk of WNV to humans across the state. This work is supported in part by a grant from the NASA Applied Sciences Public Health and Air Quality Program (NNX15AF74G).