Archived Predictions

Predictions made in the past are archived here. Current predictions can be found on the Home Page.

Predictions made during 2018: In 2018, we continued using the same model to make weekly and seasonal predictions, updated with human case data from 2017.

Predictions made during 2017: In 2017, we split the forecasts into two types: the weekly predictions, which concern the immediate future, and the seasonal predictions, which use all available information to make a forecast for the whole year. These had been previously combined in 2016.

Predictions made during 2016: The West Nile Weekly published in 2016 contained both seasonal and weekly predictions, along with additional information about WNV, such as medical reports or news from other states with human cases. Much of this additional information was moved to the Questions and News page in 2017, so that the predictions would be more standardized.